Antrim County - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 03 / 07 By: Jordan Valley Trails Council
Latest Snow: 1541071902871188 -- Trail Report: Unfortunately in the last 24-36 hours we have lost a drastic amount of snow! As of 10 am on 03/07/2017 we have decided to close our trails due to deteriorating trail conditions and safety of our riders. It will take a SIGNIFICANT snowfall to get trails back in rideable condition and some in "passable" condition and it just isn't in the forecast. <> -- Photos --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Baldwin Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 01 By: Trailriders Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: 10153886033786285 -- Trail Report: 413375088697400 The north section was groomed this evening. The trails look great and the snow started falling again, time to get out and ride! Newaygo sports park to m-20 is thin,m-20 north is good,still trying to get the south trails back to great,need more snow Looks like our Southern trails are getting some attention. Thanks to our club Vice President Dan for spending your afternoon off volunteering your time in the groomer. Our middle and north trails are also being groomed this afternoon and evening. Come up and ride! <> Visit Trail Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Report via MSA >>>> <> Visit Trailriders Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Benzie Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 08 By: Explore Benzie
Latest Snow: 10155702446422281 -- Trail Report: 84932552280 February 8 After the rain made the trails a sheet of ice AGAIN!!!! All groomers will be parked until we get more snow. Nothing in the near forcast except high temps and rain. I'll let you know when there good again Benzie-Manistee Snowmobile Club Facebook Page >>>> Website: <> February 7 - Hi all! Well, not good news again. We had some snow out there and groomers were out but now today we have warm temps and steady rain unfortunately. Forecast is a roller coaster too sadly. Back to cold tonight with possibly a couple inches of snow. Still cold tomorrow but then the end of the week and weekend back into the high 30's. So - for now it's not looking too great in the near future, so will check in back here once it turns around! Let's hope it does and soon! Keep up the good vibes and snow dance! Till next time - Seeya on the trails, Carol <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Boyne Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 11 By: Mountainside Inn
Trail Report: Petoskey Snowmobile Club - 12/11 Lake effect snow has been falling for the last few days with totals of 8 to 12 inches or more,very cold temps and lots of wind. Being lake effect snow its light and fluffy, not packy at all but at least piling up. We should be getting the green flag from the DNR anytime to start panning the trails, looking forward to a great season. -- Photos --- Complete Report
Cadillac / Baldwin Area - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 01 / 29 By: Wolf Lake Motel and Resort
Latest Snow: 413375088697400 -- Trail Report: We picked up about 3" of new snow last night. A little more is forecasted for today and tomorrow. <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Cadillac Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 27 By: Visit Cadillac
Latest Snow: 10150117533900201 -- Trail Report: February 27, 2017 No good news from Cadillac. Groomers are parked, trails are mostly mud with a coating of snow. Sun is shinning and we have no base. We have groomed 5,403 miles this year. We have tried but the weather has not been nice to us. No more reports until we have good news. ----- To better access the forest trails, you'll want to use one of the Staging Areas below: 33 Rd Staging Area--S of M-55--approx.. 3 miles west of Cadillac on M-55 (watch for signs) Caberfae Staging Area--approx.. 12 miles west of Cadillac on M-55 (watch for signs) Boon Staging Area--park in plowed area south of Boon Grocery Note: The porta-a-johns were removed from our staging areas today as our contracts on them expired 3-15-13. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VIA CADILLAC WINTER PROMOTIONS <> --- Complete Report
Cheboygan Area - Conditions: Good To Excellent Updated: 12 / 24 By: Cheboygan Chamber
Latest Snow: 6-8 -- Trail Report: Trails are great! Perfect for riding. 11-mile stretch along the west side of Mullett Lake has been opened for snowmobiling, although there are some restrictions! Visit to learn more! The Cheboygan Trail Blazers worked hard to get the trails ready for snow and they are looking good. Don't forget that there are now trails into Downtown Cheboygan from the DNR trail - stop in to Shop, Dine, & Unwind! **LODGING, FOOD AND GAS ARE AVAILABLE ALONG THE CHEBOYGAN COUNTY SNOWMOBILE TRAILS. LOOK UP FOR COMPLETE SNOWMOBILE TRAIL INFORMATION INCLUDING MAPS TO GET YOU TO THE LODGING, FOOD AND GAS. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Drummond Island - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 05 By: D.I. Resort
Latest Snow: 10157908179610565 -- Trail Report: Fresh snow at Drummond Island Resort & Conference Center! --- Complete Report
Drummond Island - Conditions: Fair Updated: 01 / 13 By: Drummond Island Snow Report
Latest Snow: 10154066875212371 -- Trail Report: 174488069242711 Jan 13, 2017 The over all base varies from 4 inch to 12 inches. There is currently a logging operation on the trail 493 (the plains area) for 7 miles. This logging will continue all winter. I have upgraded the trails over all as good but there are areas that are in poor shape and some in Excellent shape. Ride with caution! West End: West end of the island is in Good to Excellent shap East End: That little rain we had the other night was not kind to this area. The east shore from the Marble Head look out to Glen Cove along the shore line is poor. The shore line that continues to the Maxton Plains is Very Poor with little snow, lots of running water and logging. If you stay out of those areas the rest of this end of the Island is in great shape. You can go to Marble Head you just have to take trail 496 at Cornbeef Junction and return that way. Dont try to continue the loop. You will get wet and muddy. Remember it takes less than 15 mins for hypothermia to set in once your wet so use extreme caution near these water holes. * Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow * <> --- Complete Report
Frederic / Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 20 By: Sledheads of Frederic
Latest Snow: 10154233020518182 -- Trail Report: Spring, Spring, Beautiful Spring it makes me want to dance and sing... I actually wrote that on a little poem in first grade. I didnt know back then that I would want to have snow all the time. Today is the first day of spring and its 49 degrees here in Frederic. The u.p. was still going full force this past weekend with motels being full and groomers out and about. A guy from Bowling Green Ohio left his truck and trailer out back here and then headed up to Paradise with his friend from Freemont, Mich. They had good riding up there and said they saw several groomers but also said it was getting pretty dry getting into Grand Marais. So the end is getting closer even up there. I even managed to get my truck buried only about a mile from the shop here on a trail road where my plow frame bottomed out on it and we had to walk back here. I left the truck overnight and came back on sunday to get it out. It was a nice walk down trail 7 but dont let the snow in the pics fool you as there are a lot of dry grass fields and parts of the trail out there too. The pics below are the guys that came back from the u.p. as they switched sleds around in their trailers out back of the shop here. Thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete -- <> --- Complete Report
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 11 By: DerMiner's Parkside Resort
Trail Report: Yesterday the trails in Otsego County were in good condition but a little fast due to the limited amount of snow we have had in the past few weeks. Today, I am happy to report that the South Gaylord (trail #7 area) had a few inches of snow last night, and it's been snowing at a steady to heavy fall for much of the day. I haven't seen the groomer yet today but he usually comes by twice a day. Conditions should be great for snowmobiling this weekend but expect it to be busy. We are expecting colder than normal temperatures for Saturday & Sunday so bundle up, and have fun! --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 02 / 09 By: Heart Lake Resort
Latest Snow: 1534610169886895 -- Trail Report: 115086445172615 We had some rain on Tuesday but it didn't last long as the temps dropped Tuesday night and snow returned. We have had light snow on and off since then. Snow is supposed to continue today and tomorrow. Slight warm up Saturday (35 they are saying). Reports are that the trails have been good. They were icy in some corners but continued snowfall should remedy that! Stay safe and have fun! You can always check out our trail cam for live feed and current trail conditions <> Reserve your cottage now before they are gone! 988-732-5081 <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 12 / 29 By: Ray's Retreat Country Inn
Latest Snow: 566684210161641 -- Trail Report: Riders have been returning tonight reporting they have had good rides. All very happy with the riding. We are under a winter storm warning overnight... it is coming down heavy right now. Several inches are expected. This will definitely give everyone that beautiful white fresh cover to blow in their faces for tomorrow's riding. New owners will be at Rays Retreat Country Inn tomorrow. Just want to let all of our readers know how much we have appreciated your input ... sometimes negative, but mostly positive. We wish we would be able to say good bye personally to all our guests that became friends thru the years. Winter and snowmobilers have been our favorite season here at Rays Retreat. Will definitely miss it. We wish everyone a new year of good health and happy times. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 01 / 13 By: The Waters Inn
Trail Report: Rode trail 7 up from Precision Motorsports (Thanks to Dean for the fast & reasonable repairs) then took Trail 4 west, trails are the best I can remember, groomer was headed west on Trail 4 about 11:20 AM this morning. Scott - Waters Inn -- Photos --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 03 By:
Latest Snow: 10153860262551920 -- Trail Report: 122624984478774 Gaylord Bureau - 03/03 Grooming is being done! Trails are in FAIR to GOOD Condition at this time! Please be careful of the wet areas! The railroad trail is rated FAIR ~ GOOD with a 3 inch base ~ towards Lake of the North trail is rated GOOD with a 4 inch base ~ the Loop toward Johannesburg is rated GOOD with a 4 inch base! As always please check back here for updates! <> Sledheads of Frederic - 03/03 Trails are as good as any time in January. We passed the Gaylord groomer slides are out and its perfect <> Yee Hah, Lets Make Winter Great Again Another 3 inches of lake effect overnight and I am heading out shortly to ride. Groomers running out by starvation lake, (yesterday that I know of) so I am heading that way and going to try south to Cranberry trail and see how that is. A nice chilly 10 degrees this morning. I was supposed to be riding with Herb from Ohio my old friend from down there. He actually drove all the way up from down by Columbus to ride with me today but had an emergency and had to go back home this morning. To bad cause we lucked out and got snow so we could do it....... <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Grand Marais - Conditions: Good Updated: 03 / 27 By: Grand Marais Sno-Trails Assoc.
Latest Snow: 454612924741907 -- Trail Report: Well it's about the end of the trail for this snowmobile season. I personally want to thank all snowmobilers who helped make this a successful season for GM businesses. I would also like to thank Sno Trails Grooming Club for an awesome job this season. They battled several warm ups and working with only 2 groomers for a good part of the season. Kudos to our groomers-Chris Holocher, Tom Davis, Ted Geiger, Jack Hubbard and Elmer, Jerrod Allen, Phil Howay and Dennis Weaver. You guys did a fantastic job and now you can catch up on your sleep. Thank you and see everyone next season. <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Grayling - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 10 By: Fay's Motel
Trail Report: Greetings Moth balled Sledders, Well another season has come to a close, and I use the word " season " loosely. I don't recall over the last 17 seasons anything that compares to the thaws that we saw this last year. Certainly gives new meaning to Winter thaw. We would like to thank all of you that stayed with us, which helped to make this Winter as good as it could be given the weather related issues. Hope everyone has a great rest of the year, see you when the snow flies if not before. Take Care, Keith, Sandy and The Girls --- Complete Report
Greenland - Conditions: Fair Updated: 12 / 27 By: Superior Snowmobile Club
Trail Report: 12-14-16 We have been in blizzard conditions with heavy snow & cold since Tues 12/12/16. As of 12-13-16 we’ve had 33.4 inches fallen snow. These conditions are to continue thru the day into tomorrow. Groomers have been working our trails since last Fri. Trail 13 loop is a humungous water hole from trucks & ATV’s and even with these polar temps will take awhile to freeze deep enough to hold groomer but it’s about to the place where snowmobilers will be able to go over it and that will help get it in good shape. Conditions for this week-end should be really good. <> --- Complete Report
Harbor Springs - Conditions: Good Updated: 03 / 03 By: Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: 1404802219530297 -- Trail Report: Hello Riders! Mother Nature has blessed us with over a foot of snow!! Groomers were out last night and the reports from the operators say the trails shaped up well with this snow. We are going to have a couple of nice days before it starts to warm up again, get out and enjoy what we have!! Thanks to everybody who did the snow dance! VP, Rick Geiger, Team HSSC <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Houghton Lake - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 02 By: Beach Front Hotel
Latest Snow: 10153421513914537 -- Trail Report: Current weather conditions in Houghton Lake. Thunder snow! Snow snow snow! 5-7" expected! Come on up to the north! --- Complete Report
Indian River - Conditions: Good Updated: 03 / 02 By: Indian River Snowmobile Grooming Club
Trail Report: The trails were not groomed last night because of the intensity of the storm. We do have at least one volunteer going out tonight to work the snow and try to pack it down. We really did get a foot of snow yesterday. The very bottom of it is wet and dense. What fell after was lighter in substance because the temperature dropped quite a bit. The wind also drifted a lot of the snow that fell later in the day. If we had a base this new snow would be a no-brainer to work with. Because there was virtually no base left its like starting over at the beginning of the season (think back to late November/early December). We encourage people to get out and enjoy this fresh snow thats everywhere. Its beautiful out and all side roads and road shoulders have good cover for sleds. Riding conditions should be good and it will be like blazing trail out there. Enjoy. The sun is out but temps are in the single digits today so bundle up. The groomers will do what they can with this snow tonight. If youre interested in supporting local grooming efforts, visit or stop by Burt Lake Marina for details on joining the Indian River Snowmobile Grooming club with a membership donation. We have hats and t-shirts (short & long sleeve) for sale too. Even when we cant groom we still have operational expenses like insurance, two-way radio communication subscriptions, equipment repair, utilities and more. Thanks to member donations were almost done with interior/finish construction at our new equipment barn! We now store and work on the grooming equipment only yards from the DNR trailhead. Your support makes all the difference. Thank you! <> Visit Indian River Snowmobile Grooming Club Condition Report >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Iron Mountain - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 19 By: Iron Mountain
Trail Report: Trails are now open. All gates are now open. Conditions are being monitored and we are out packing with the Pisten Bulley. The amount of snow on the ground is surprisingly low. We really need more snow to groom. There are many spots with a lot of water that may cause problems for grooming and snowmobiling. We hope that snowmobiles will pack the trail to help it freeze. Rocks and roots are poking out in the swampy areas. Use caution and help us to get the trail packed. We have reports of water in the swamps. USE CAUTION For more info visit / --- Complete Report
Ironwood Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 01 / 26 By: Western U.P. Snowshakers
Trail Report: Trail report Trail 2 from Bessemer to ironwood- Is groomed and is in very good condition. Trail 2 from Bessemer to wakefield- Is packed daily and is in fair condition. With the lack of snow we cannot groom through there. We need snow!! Trail 2 from wakefiend to marinesco- Is groomed and is in good to very good condition. Trail 8 to tula- is groomed and is in good to very good condition. Trail 160- Is groomed and is in fair to good condition, be prepared for some wet areas along the trail especially when you get close to bald mountain. There is large water holes. Reminder that trails 11 north and 11 south are closed for this winter season. PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS, RIDING ON A UNMARKED TRAIL MAY RESULT IN THE CLUB LOOSING EASMENT TO THE PROPERTY. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT Groomers are running both day and night so watch out for them pullover and slow down groomers have the right of way. Ride safe and enjoy our trails. Think snow!! --- Complete Report
Ironwood - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 25 By: Gogebic Range Trail Authority
Latest Snow: 1508679795813038 -- Trail Report: There is anywhere from 8-15" of fresh snow. We had a good lake effect event after the system snow went through yesterday. We are out rolling trails to reestablish a base. Please ride cautiously as there are numerous wet areas. In talking with a group who rode in from Presque Isle on trail 1 to trail 2 was "bumper deep on trail 2 & broke trail all morning". Stay tuned. <> Report via Gogebic Range Trail Authority <> --- Complete Report
Ishpeming Area - Conditions: Good To Excellent Updated: 02 / 16 By: Country Village Resort
Trail Report: Ishpeming, MI Trails: 2/16/17 Hello All, Ishpeming, MI : Moose Country Trails: Weather has been inconsistent. Snow, then warm, then snow. Trails have held up for the most part and Riders are reporting trails are in good shape throughout the area. Weather: Cool with snow currently. Forecast is for warmer weather this weekend. We are hoping it holds off and stays cool. Seg 1 Republic Clowry 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 2 Clowry Ishpeming 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 3 Clowry Nestoria 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 4 Clowry Triple A 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 5 Republic Silver Lake 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 6 Silver Lk Sagola 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 7 Silver Lake Kates Grade 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 8 Republic Fence River 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Seg 9 Ishpeming Republic 2/15/2017 open, full groom good to excellent condition Lodging and Trail Info: Snowmobile Conditions Questions? Shoot me an email: Please call us for up to date info toll free:866-875-4312. Area Lodging: Country Village Resort | Lodging in Ishpeming, MI Specials: --- Complete Report
Keweenaw Peninsula - Conditions: Poor Updated: 03 / 27 By:
Latest Snow: 171048686261145 -- Trail Report: 171048686261145 This is the Keweenaw Snowmobile Trail System Report for Monday, March 27, 2017. This is the final trail report for the winter of 2016-2017 in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Although snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor remain open through March 31st, grooming has ended for the season. Trails have very little to no snow cover, are muddy and dangerous. Please use caution if you choose to ride. Snowfall & Weather Report Snowfall in the Keweenaw Peninsula 18 inches of snow on the ground, 248.5 inches fallen to date as of 3/23/17. Today's forecast: Patchy freezing drizzle and cloudy, high 39, low 28 Tomorrow: Partly to mostly cloudy, high 40, low 26 Wednesday: Partly cloudy, high 35, low 27 Thursday: Cloudy, high 36, low 29 Friday: Mainly sunny, high 38, low 31 <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Lake Gogebic - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 28 By: Lake Gogebic
Latest Snow: 640224682824084 -- Trail Report: February 28th, 2017 We have cold temps in the forecast until Saturday with some snow predicted throughout the week. However, this weekend is calling for temps in the 40s for highs. At this time groomers will not be going out anymore due to very wet conditions in many areas. Trail 8 west should be completely avoided as much of it is under water. A large beaver pond has created a large wet area on trail 1 south, south of the Gogebic Lodge. Trail 8 east is somewhat bare to due high winds earlier in the week. Trail 1 north and 13 north are mostly ride able but in rough condition and you should watch out for wet areas that may be opening up. Trail 13 south is also ride able but also may have some wet areas opening up. Unplowed Forest Service roads can still be ridden, you can stop at one of their offices (Watersmeet, Ironwood & Ontonagon) for maps or information. Remember to stay off the highway between JWs Restaurant and the gas station in Bergland as this is not a trail and you will be ticketed. Unfortunately the long term weather predictions look like this coming weekend may be your last chance to do any snowmobiling in our area this season. Warmer temps and no snow for the first couple of weeks of March will put an end to our trails. I will, however, keep you posted if we get a late season snowstorm in March those are always fun. . *If youd like additional information about our area please contact The Lake Gogebic Area Chamber of Commerce at 888.GOGEBIC or You can also email us at Hope we see you soon - for those of you already up here have a safe ride! *Gogebic Area Grooming really needs your support at this time more than ever. You can be a part of our grooming efforts with a sponsorship of $25 for single, $30 for family and $75 for businesses. However wed greatly appreciate a donation of any amount. These can be sent to:Gogebic Area Grooming at 115 Hoop N Holler Rd / Merriweather, MI 49947 or you can find sponsorship pads at most businesses around the lake with our map boxes, where you can also deposit donations. All map money is intended to benefit the grooming efforts in our area. If you mail your sponsorship or donation to the above address be sure to include contact info, as well. <> Lake Gogebic Area Chamber of Commerce - <> Lake Gogebic Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook - <> --- Complete Report
Lake Gogebic - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 05 By: Walley Lodge
Trail Report: The weather is looking good for the start to our snowmobile season, however we do need more snow. Yesterday fed us a wintry mix, which resulted in about 6-7” of snow and a some icy rain. The good news is that the temperatures are going to drop to single digits for the next few days and we are forecasted to receive up to a foot of snow in the next 5-10 days. That is a recipe for a great base on the trails, we just need to be patient and see what happens. Groomers should be going out this week to start to get the trails ready. Couple of notes: Use caution on trails 1 south and 13 south as they will be very wet, and there may be a possible reroute on trail 102 due to logging, (however, this will be a temporary re-route). Also, bridge on trail 8, East of Bergland is out and it is marked. The trail will be rerouted over the dam at the north end of the lake where the trail was a couple years ago. As was reported, a couple of sleds have been spotted on the lake, but that’s not recommended as yet! Snowcross is at Blackjack this week and it should get everybody in the mood (not that you aren’t already!). Check back for the latest and we will look to keep you updated. You can always check out the view of the lake at or email us at . Jim & Mary Beth: 906-575-3557 --- Complete Report
Mancelona Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 01 / 24 By: Mancelona Motel
Trail Report: The best snow and trail conditions so far this year. The Lake Effect Machine just keeps dumping on the JVTC trail system. Amounts of two foot plus of snowfall has been reported on parts of our sytem within the last seven days. All three groomers ran yesterday and ALL trails where groomed. There will be a Ride In held in Charlevoix at Ferry Beach Saturday with FREE food and prizes from 11 AM to 3 PM. The trail to Charlevoix should be the best for this event that it has been for several years. .Please help us and order your share of snow for this season. The JVTC will have 2 John Deere tractors with tracks and 1 Piston Bully 400 for the 2013 season. All machines will have winged Dubie Groomer drags this year. This will put the JVTC in good shape for many years to come for equipment. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Munising Area - Conditions: Excellent Updated: 02 / 25 By: Knotty Pines Resort
Trail Report: Quiet day today. More snow later in the week. Good day to knit something. Still have cabins ready and lots of snow. Give me a call. Alger County Trail Report Feb 19 Looking foeward to 10 - 18 inches of fresh snow Should make trails super. Grooming every trail every day --- Complete Report
Munising Area - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 02 / 08 By:
Latest Snow: 124628110935347 -- Trail Report: 198431536872326 MUNISING AREA UPDATE via Terrace Motel - Big, fluffy flakes floating down. Lot of snow to play in here. C'mon up! And when you head home, feel free to take some snow home with you. Got plenty of extra lyin' around! ;-) MUNISING AREA UPDATE via Buckhorn Resort - Guests out having fun last weekend! Good times! ... <> Visit Munising Visitors Bureau Trail Report >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Naubinway - Eastern U.P. - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 07 By: Adoba Hotel Naubinway
Latest Snow: 1299815223402874 -- Trail Report: We are waiting for the snow storm to arrive... --- Complete Report
Newberry - Conditions: Good To Excellent Updated: 01 / 11 By: Halfway Lake Resort
Trail Report: Yesterday we had blizzard conditions followed by brief light rain followed by more snow. We measured 22" (deeper snow north) of dense snow on the ground this morning. On and off trail people are reporting "awesome" conditions and "the best we've seen." We have heard this from multiple groups heading in all directions. This morning, we are seeing additional accumulating snow and temps will remain cold through the weekend. We are not making daily updates to the trail report unless there is a change in condition. I will not update trail conditions over the weekend since temps will remain steady and trails are perfect. Trail conditions will change minute by minute, trail by trail, based on the amount of traffic since the trail was last groomed. Groomers are out doing their thing and conditions are favorable for them, as well. I am thankful for all of the dedication these people put into our trail systems. Please remember that due to the length of our trails it takes 12-16 hours to groom one way! 1/8/17 Boy! I really don't know what to tell you other than it hasn't stopped snowing. We have had accumulation every day for 5 days and measured two feet on the ground today. Riders have been all smiles, extending stays and reporting awesome conditions on and off trail. There are still come concerns regarding low lying areas to the south, so please follow groomer reports in regards to swamp/south trails. This is a low traffic period (prior to MLK weekend) and trails are beautiful. Things typically pick up this coming weekend and remain busy until the end of the season. You never know what the future will bring, but my hope is this pattern of beautiful lake effect will continue. Local clubs (Grand Marais sno trails, Seney, Paradise Area Night Riders and Taqhamamenon Area Snowmobile Assoc) are reporting trail closures, yellow flags or a section of trail that is closed. Please educate yourselves before you ride and ride safely. *** Trail report ends here *** Read below for vacancy :) We are receiving a lot of calls for the upcoming weekends. To save on time and phone calls- This week we have openings through Friday night, but no vacancy Saturday or Sunday 1/14 or 15. Openings resume Monday-Thursday with no vacancy 1/20 or 21. Vacancy resumes 1/22. Thank you! Ride right from your door in a different direction each day! We are located 12 mi NW of Newberry (Halfway to Lk Superior) and 7 miles south of Pine Stump Junction. Between Grand Marais and Paradise. Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association (TASA) grooms over 125 miles of trails that interconnect to hundreds of miles of trails groomed by local associations. --- Complete Report
Newberry - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 03 / 16 By: Visit Newberry
Latest Snow: 469143246473701 -- Trail Report: 157927904349084 A lot of dirt showing on trails around Newberry, best snow is along lake superior shoreline. Snow coverage still decent for getting gas at wolf inn and pine stump. <> March 14, 2017 We have 2 staging areas north of Newberry. The one by the railroad tracks and take M-123 north to CR 446, turn left on the CR and follow to the end go left to the parking lot. We are in March riding conditions and riders need to be cautious. North Trail #9 Pine Stump Jct./Seney/Grand Marais Trail is in very good condition. There is less snow by town but once you get past 3 mile road the snow is deeper. Trail #45 to the Falls/Paradise Trail This trail is in very good condition. South Trail #9/2 to Epoufette/Trout Lake Trail is in fair condition this trail has less snow and you will run into patches of dirt. <> Visit Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association on Facebook <> Visit Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association Report on MSA <> --- Complete Report
Ontonagon - Conditions: Good Updated: 03 / 08 By: Ontonagon
Latest Snow: 325567991142558 -- Trail Report: 325567991142558 Trail Report: We are getting snow, and the surface ground has refrozen, but we have not groomed for 2 days as our trails were poor at best with many bare spots. This is a current pic of our backyard. Yesterday, this was bare ground, puddles, and a few snow banks. We need more snow and cold to re-establish our base here. We will keep you posted as this cold front develops and hopefully kicks us some more of the white stuff. The Keweenaw received a lot more snow this winter than we did because of the wind patterns. We would love to have you here, but you may want to consider heading a little farther north at this time to ride. Here's a trail report from our Northeastern neighbors..... "Snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are open and trails are in fair to good condition. The groomers will go out as weather permits. We are unable to groom on Trail #3 between the Portage Lift Bridge and South Range due to extremely low snow cover. Trails south of South Range to Twin Lakes are still being groomed. All of trail #122 is closed for logging. Remember when youre out on the trails to watch out for the groomers. They have the right away. Use caution around logging areas." <> It's snowing!! We got a couple inches last night and the surface ground is re-frozen. The high winds took the cover off my sled and my mitts filled with snow, but who cares - it's snowing!! Pray for good ju-ju and a couple more feet! <> -- Photos --- Complete Report
Ontonagon - Conditions: Fair Updated: 02 / 25 By: Scott's Superior Inn
Latest Snow: 969181849784848 -- Trail Report: WE got 4-8" of fresh snow yesterday, which helps but hasn't solved all our problems, we still have a fair amount of water which makes it impossible to groom every trail every where, so what we are doing is grooming the areas we can and going around the spots we can't, you can get sleds through these areas but not a 40,000 lb groomer, hopefully it will stay cold and we get more snow so that we can do everything soon. WE still have lots of lodging available , including our lakefront chalets, and 3 bd. rm suite, all sleep up to 8 , we are located right on trail#12 , and just a mile from food and gas .Stay where the groomer lives!! --- Complete Report
Paradise Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 03 / 19 By: Paradise Area Night Riders
Latest Snow: 192336687458709 -- Trail Report: March 19, 2017 31 degrees this morning when I crawled outa bed. It is now 40 at noon and kinda foggy and misty. All trails were run yesterday, just like I said. They all turned out about the same too.....kinda mushy and slushy. Kinda sad, but I think this is it. The trails are fading really fast with holes opening up and bare spots with dirt and grime. Good by to ANOTHER rotten winter season, this makes what....2 or 3 in a row now?? If some miracle happens I`ll get back on here but I think I`ll say SEE YA`S NEXT FALL. We will be posting on our Face Book page for upcoming brushing and signing weekends if anybody wants to come UP and help so check back every now and again. God Bless Groomer Chris <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Sault Ste. Marie - Conditions: Fair Updated: 03 / 23 By: Sault Snow Report
Latest Snow: 149895027379 -- Trail Report: We did groom in in Raco last night going both east and NW in trail #8 one last time. As there is lots of snow yet out there. We did groom Soo to Brimley on Tuesday and it had ok snow. There will some die hard sledders around this weekend and our portion of trail 8 should be fair with a couple of poor spots you can get around. Road shoulders are bare and sleet and rain called for Friday. Temps are to be 40's in day and 30 at night for the next few days. Groomers will be parked after today for the season. Barring a foot of new snow! <> Reported On: March 23, 2017 We did groom in in Raco last night going both east and NW in trail #8 one last time. As there is lots of snow yet out there. We did groom Soo to Brimley on Tuesday and it had ok snow. There will some die hard sledders around this weekend and our portion of trail 8 should be fair with a couple of poor spots you can get around. Road shoulders are bare and sleet and rain called for Friday. Temps are to be 40's in day and 30 at night for the next few days. Groomers will be parked after today for the season. Barring a foot of new snow! <> Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association <> --- Complete Report
Seney - Conditions: Good Updated: 03 / 25 By: Seney
Latest Snow: 859219827519786 -- Trail Report: 793337994107970 SENEY AREA UPDATE via Mater's Stop -N- Go Gas Station - Ok, kids, today might be the last day for a pretty solid ride, we've had approximately a dozen trailers in today, the reports from riders is that you can still find rideable snow just south of Grand Marais, north of Seney to the Bear Trap or toward Pine Stump... supposed to be a clear but warmer day today, no rain... tomorrow there's an 80% chance of rain... if you are close enough to us up here, come up and ride, if you don't trust the conditions for your own personal sled then grab your neighbor's sled, your wife or husband's sled that is never used anymore or go rent a sled, the time is now, lol!!!..... <> Seney Snowmobile Association Trail Report Reported On: March 24th, 2017 @ 2:37pm Groomer Report Spring conditions are fair to good! Time for the last Oorah! Temps will be rising again next week. Probably 18-24″ up north yet in the woods. Two track riding is awesome! We took 3 groomers to the Bear Trap last night. Was really surprised how much snow was left up there. Don expected the grade to be all frozen ice but it wasnt. The trail passing the park in town is a little ruff with brown snow where we couldnt get in there with the groomer. As soon as we passed the park we were able to groom up on the bank as we have been for awhile now. There is lots of snow there and its even white. lol. 2 groomers went up thru trail 43 from the detour. Its snow cover for the most part with a few icy/dirty corners; of course the snow will be thinner there than further north. Don and I continued up cty rd 450 instead of taking the detour to see how far we could get. There was a small section we couldnt do cause it was too narrow for the drag but sleds are still using it. We were able to groom as far as just before the park-n-ride. From there the trees forced us down on the road but sleds could cross behind them and hit the trail no problem. We all met where the trail crosses the road and continued to the Bear Trap. Snow was thin in spots but we were able to distribute enough to cover most everything. Still have a couple dirty/icy corners. The railroad grade has lots of snow. Just a few areas that were solid ice of only one that was non-negotiable. You just have to ride it out, maybe 1/4 mile long. Still need to be aware that there is ice underneath all the thin areas and in some of the corners. As I posted in FB, we passed Grand Marais groomer on the grade so they are also gearing up for the weekend. It did rain and spit snow most of the night, so it probably set very hard. Might have to wait for the temp to rise in the morning to head out riding. Josh is out in the John Deere grooming 431 as I write this. Pretty sure the scenario will be the same but if he reports differently when he gets back then Ill let you know. I do know that the side of M-77 is totally brown with snow/ice in the ditch only and we wont be grooming that. To ride trail 431 youll have to trailer up to the park-n-ride. The park-n-ride for trail 43/8 is closed because County rd 450 is closed to vehicle traffic. There is an area that is really soft, bad, and need of repair. A large truck got stuck in there a week or so ago passed where the trail crosses and they had a hard time getting it out so the county closed the road. Still lots of snow up north just have to get to it. Town accesses will be bad everywhere. Mother nature came thru for our area with this year. We even had good snow for our veterans ride. Thanks to our groomer operators, trailboss, local businesses, and members who helped make this season a successful one. A special thanks to Allegan Snowmobile Club for loaning us their groomer. It was a long season for our operators/mechanics this year keeping the equipment running on the trails. Over 300 hours spent in the barn turning wrenches and the John Deere spending 41 days of a 110 day season in the shop. Hitting the hardest was the tragic loss of one of our own, Tyler Barker, while performing maintenance on a drag. We will have a dedication ceremony for him at the snowmobile bridge over the east branch of the Fox River in May. More details will follow. <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Sidnaw / Bruce Crossing - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 03 / 05 By: Sno Valley Riders Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: 136797989679726 -- Trail Report: Groomer Report: We did groom what we could on Friday evening, it will be touch and go from now on. There are many water holes and bare areas spread all over the trail system. I would say overall our system is in fair condition but just barely, if it gets as warm as predicted Sunday and Monday we will probably be back to poor condition. There will be areas of good riding on some of the un-plowed forest roads but some of them are hard to get to. Please DO NOT climb the Military Hill from the highway, US 45, to the fence, we have ongoing erosion issues there and the hill climbers are adding to the problem. YOU COULD CAUSE THIS MAJOR TRAIL TO BE CLOSED IF YOU CONTINUE! Please ride on your own side of the trail and STOP at the stop signs! Trail #3 North to Rockland is FAIR. Trail #8 from Ewen to trail #3 North is FAIR. Trail #3/8 East from Bruce Crossing to the trail #3 South intersection is FAIR. Trail #3/8 West from Bruce Crossing to the trail #3 North intersection is FAIR. Trail #3 South from the railroad grade to the CC road is FAIR. Trail #8 from the trail #3 South intersection to Trout Creek is FAIR. Trail #8 from Trout Creek to Kenton is FAIR. Trail #8 from Kenton to Sidnaw is FAIR. Trail #8/15 from Sidnaw to the trail #109 intersection is FAIR. Watch for the groomers, they take up most of the trail and have the right of way! Please pull over and DIM your lights for them, they have a long night out there. Remember, you can get off the trail, the groomer can not. When I report base that is the depth of the un-groomed snow on my yard South of Sidnaw. There is no possible way to accurately report what the depth is under your snowmobile on the groomed trail, it varies widely. Have a fun and safe trip, thank you for riding our trails and visiting our local businesses! <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Silver City - Conditions: Good To Excellent Updated: 02 / 08 By: Mountain View Lodges
Trail Report: The snow has been steady for the past couple of weeks and the trails are in good to excellent condition. Slim in Silver City, as usual, but once you get off M-107 (Trail #1) riding is spectacular. Enjoy your ride and be careful out there. I'll update as need be. --- Complete Report
St. Ignace - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 09 By: Straits Area Snowmobile Club
Trail Report: Trails are in really good shape out there, except areas where they are not. Let me explain better, most of our trails have less then 12 of compacted snow on them, but they are in really good shape with an ice base, and good riding snow that is groomed up very well. Now, we didnt get much out of the Tuesday storm, so we have the same problems out there as the past few weeks with a bit of good news mixed in. First off, the old RR yard parking are North of the ice rink is extremely thin. If you park there, then pick your way up the sides or just tough it out, and things are much better when you get to the I-75 overpass. Then going North on Trail #2, you will have 4 areas in the open that are snow covered, but have rocks poking through. Nothing we can do with that right now, they are about 100 long each just skip over them. Also, the South several miles of Trail #471 was being plowed for logging. It was ice, but now has some gravel on it. Without new snow, unfortunately it will suck. Good news is I made a deal with the road commission, and they are going to stop plowing about 2/3 of what they were plowing before, and only do what is necessary for the loggers. So for about 1 mile both West and South of the Castle Rock / Round Lake road intersections it will be plowed. Now I know a lot of you know exactly what I am talking about here, but many dont so todays trail candy is a map of the problem areas. I have indicated the area they were plowing, and the area that they will prow in the future on there. You will notice that everything North of Moran is good to go, so dont overthink it and conclude that you cant ride this area, you will have a great time. Also, as you may recall, the weather sites I was checking were split on Tuesdays storm, some were going with 5+, but the one I trust was 1-2. Well we got about 1. Now lets talk forecasted snow. Everybody is saying that our whole trail system will get snow on Friday. Some are showing only 1, however the one I trust, the one that has been the most right all season is showing us getting a solid 3 from Iggy to Trout Lake. It is supposed ot have decent water content, we will be good to go for sure everywhere. Remember the Bent Ski Classic adventure run is this Saturday, so come on out and have fun with the whole family. The weather forecast is fantastic for riding this weekend. I will be at the trail stop at the Northern intersection of Trails #2 & #471. Hope to see you there. <> --- Complete Report
Traverse City - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 03 / 02 By: Blue Sky Snowmobile Rentals
Latest Snow: 10153642010464830 -- Trail Report: 265181344829 Good amount of snowfall the last couple days! If, and only if the groomers go out we will be open for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I will update this post once we are notified. We have been in touch with the groomers and they are hoping to groom on Friday. As of now the trails are snow covered but need a grooming to flatten everything out and cover up the washed out areas. Please call if you wish to book 231-645-2628 --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 03 / 04 By: Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: 692796817527756 -- Trail Report: 141612619312848 Big shout out to groomer driver Peter for these pics just now! Things are in great shape out there today! Get out and enjoy while it last! <> Visit Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club Trail Report on MSA >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 02 / 18 By: Kingsley Motel
Trail Report: This past weekend saw excellent riding conditions. Today we're seeing warmer weather and possible rain which may create wet areas. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: Poor To Fair Updated: 12 / 28 By: Ranch Rudolf
Latest Snow: 1225472847481248 -- Trail Report: The rain and freezing rain we got on Monday is scaring a lot of people off. We are happy to report that trails are still snow covered and groomers have been running again since Tuesday cleaning things up and packing things down. We've seen sleds out and about the past couple days and although trails are a bit crunchy, overall people are pleasantly surprised at how well they've held up. Nothing but cold temps and snow forecasted for the upcoming weekend. Get out there and enjoy! <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 02 By: See Traverse City
Latest Snow: 10157986098570145 -- Trail Report: Grand Traverse Snowmobile Club - March 2 We picked up 6-10" of fresh snow yesterday and it's snowing hard currently. Groomers are out tonight and will be out through the weekend. There are a lot of water holes, so be careful riding! <> Blue Sky Snowmobile Rentals Trail Reports <> Grand Traverse Snowmobile Club On Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 13 By: Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals
Trail Report: Finally after over a week of various systems dumping snow on Northern Lower Michigan we have established a solid base and the groomers have been out daily. Trails are in excellent shape and we are now in full gear for the 2015 season at Ranch Rudolf. Come enjoy a picturesque ride on one of our sleds and end your day warming up with a delicious meal at the Ranch! <> Visit Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals Website >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Watersmeet - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 03 / 01 By: Watersmeet
Latest Snow: 123559367682797 -- Trail Report: Report for Today; 18 degrees conditions are fair to poor but rideable. There are wet spots, thin to bare spots and good spots. Groomers will run March 2 & 3 to make the best of what we have. This may be it for the season. We have a warm up into the 50's for Sunday and it looks like we will be warm next week too. The trails are rideable, but it's back to the good, bad and ugly so make the best of it, it could be the last. <> Reports via: U.P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> U.P. Thunder Riders Trail Report on MSA >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Western U.P. - Conditions: Poor Updated: 03 / 06 By: Western U.P. Bureau
Latest Snow: 10154459398051141 -- Trail Report: It looks like the trails are pretty well shot...temps today will be in the 50's with rain. Highs again tomorrow will be in the 40's and back to the 20's which doesn't do a thing for us. Trails are overall poor. Lots of water and bare spots. If anything happens where we get dumped on and there is a 360 degree turn around we will let you know. It is still possible to ride on county forest roads and in the woods where the there isn't much sun but it will be here and there. Sorry, I don't have a better report but it is what it is. Here are the last reports I received from the clubs. GRTA reports- Trail Condition: Poor Last Groomed: February 25th, 2017 Base: 14" Past 24hr: 3" Reported On: February 27th, 2017 @ 10:35am Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay Crossing rolled 2/24 Marginal to poor. Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield rolled 2/24,poor. Wet area near Blackjack Ski Hill has returned/repoened. Please ride cautiously! Trail is very icy. Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marensico is good. Groomed 2/26 Trail 8 from Bingo's to Tula Crossing is marginal condition, will be groomed early this week. Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI) Overall Rating: Scheduled bridge completion is 2/15, this is an active construction site please say out! We need immediate help brushing and signing this trail. We cannot groom it without DNR signing/brushing approval so it is a critical task to get this completed. We need people during the week and the weekend. Please contact us ( or facebook us)so we can include you on the planning conversation(email). Trail 11 N & 11S are closed. The Gogebic Area Grooming trail report- Trail Condition: Poor Last Groomed: February 13th, 2017 Base: 2" Past 24hr: 3" Reported On: March 02nd, 2017 @ 3:05pm Groomer Report March 2nd, 2017 Well, we have been receiving snow over the last few days, about a 3-inches each day, which should help cushion the trails. Right now weve been getting snow squalls off of Lake Superior off and on all day sunny one minute, white out the next. Groomers will not be going out as we have to deal with some pretty serious wet areas on most of our trails. I know Ive been hearing that everyone else is grooming all around us, but the thing to remember is that 99% of our trails run through wooded or swampy areas that will have wet areas, where as most of the trails in surrounding areas run on railroad grades and are easy grooming.. For the most part our trails cannot be groomed right now without serious damage to some very expensive groomers. The grooming entity to our west learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago when they had to have a groomer pulled out of a large wet area and it basically was torn apart by the time they got it out. Unfortunately, \the one railroad grade trail we do have (8 east) is so exposed that the high winds have blown most of the snow off, making grooming a non issue. Some riders who stopped in earlier today said they did make it across trail 8 west, although it did have some bad spots. This, however, was early in the day after a near zero night temp. Once we hit the weekend warm up look for this trail to become impassable again. The best option is still our northern most trails, 102, 1 north and 13 north, but keep speeds to a minimum as they will become pretty rough. You can still ride unplowed Forest Service roads for more info on that you can stop at one of their offices in Watersmeet, Ironwood or Ontonagon. I do believe this will probably be the last weekend for snowmobiling as highs in the 50s are predicted for Sunday & Monday. I will keep you posted if we have any big weather changes later in the month. Ride safe! As previously posted, please stay on the trails in Bergland. You are not allowed to ride the hwy. through town and may be ticketed. U.P. THUNDER RIDERS OF WATERSMEET REPORT Trail Condition: Fair Last Groomed: February 28th, 2017 Base: 4" Past 24hr: 1" Reported On: March 01st, 2017 @ 4:38pm Groomer Report Report for Today; 18 degrees conditions are fair to poor but rideable. There are wet spots, thin to bare spots and good spots. Groomers will run March 2 & 3 to make the best of what we have. This may be it for the season. We have a warm up into the 50s for Sunday and it looks like we will be warm next week too. The trails are rideable, but its back to the good, bad and ugly so make the best of it, it could be the last. PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS RIDING ON UNMARKED TRAILS CAN RESULT IN THE CLUB LOSING EASEMENT OF THAT TRAIL AND YOU POSSIBLE GETTING A TICKET..... -- --- Complete Report
White Pine Trail - Conditions: Poor To Fair Updated: 01 / 03 By: White Pine Trail Report
Latest Snow: 2" -- Trail Report: Ice and 2" of snow here in the Stanwood area of the White Pine Trail. The trail has a good base but the gas stations will be a challenge. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links