Antrim County - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 23 By: Jordan Valley Trails Council
Latest Snow: #jordanvalley,#gaylord -- Trail Report: JORDAN VALLEY UPDATE via Jordan Valley Trails Council​ - 02/23 11 of the next 14 days will be 35* or above! 2 of those days will also be above 40*🚨🚨 With that said, grooming will be sporadic as conditions and weather warrant. Trails in many areas are starting to show brown through the snow. The southern section of our trail system has the most snow but also sees the most traffic so conditions vary drastically. <> Visit Jordan Valley Trails Council on Facebook >>>> <> Visit East Jordan Sno-Mobilers, Inc. on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Baldwin Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 26 By: Trailriders Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: #baldwinarea -- Trail Report: 413375088697400 BALDWIN AREA UPDATE via Trailriders Snowmobile Club​ - 02/26 Yuck We had one of our die hard locals scout things out. If Al turns around, you know it’s bad. Getting in and out of any of our communities is a no go. Any plowed road is shot. Any farmers field with sunshine is gone. Could you trailer to a trailhead like Timber Creek and ride? Maybe, but it is going to deteriorate fast. If you do ride, you may find some good forest roads we have packed in, but connecting will be really bad. I’m parked until we get more snow. Other than that, come join us tomorrow night for our club meeting. You do not have to be a member to attend. We meet at the groomer barn at 7. <> Visit Trail Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Report via MSA >>>> <> Visit Trailriders Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Benzie Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 20 By: Explore Benzie
Latest Snow: #benzie -- Trail Report: 84932552280 BENZIE / MANISTEE UPDATE via Benzie Manistee Snowbirds - 02/20 Some areas on our system picked up 12” others like north picked up 3”. This is fluffy blow off the trail snow. We will be out tonight trying to flatten and fill holes before the wet system snow arrives Sunday night. Maple tractor is still thin base and only picked up a few inches. Today the tville tractor will run to kaleva, do south loop and back up. Doing double duty until kaleva tractor is back up and running Monday. All this snow in areas and trails still thin. We need real snow! <> Benzie-Manistee Snowmobile Club Facebook Page >>>> Website: <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Cadillac / Baldwin Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 23 By: Wolf Lake Motel and Resort
Latest Snow: #baldwin -- Trail Report: BALDWIN AREA UPDATE via Wolf Lake Motel & Resort - ATV & Snowmobile Rentals - Snow update. About 3" - 4". More expected tomorrow through the weekend. <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Cadillac Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 26 By: Visit Cadillac
Latest Snow: #cadillac -- Trail Report: CADILLAC AREA UPDATE via Coyote Crossing Resort​ - 02/26 This was taken at start of warmer temps, as we were riding north. Swans were beautiful! 🦢 • All access trails are crappy, but there’s still snow in the woods! And some trails are still in good shape ... • Lots of people are still riding ... so stop in to see us if you are up this weekend, making the best of it for some Spring riding! <> ----- To better access the forest trails, you'll want to use one of the Staging Areas below: 33 Rd Staging Area--S of M-55--approx.. 3 miles west of Cadillac on M-55 (watch for signs) Caberfae Staging Area--approx.. 12 miles west of Cadillac on M-55 (watch for signs) Boon Staging Area--park in plowed area south of Boon Grocery Note: The porta-a-johns were removed from our staging areas today as our contracts on them expired 3-15-13. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VIA CADILLAC WINTER PROMOTIONS <> --- Complete Report
Cheboygan Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 24 By: Cheboygan Trailblazers Snowmobile & Trail Grooming Club
Trail Report: CHEBOYGAN AREA UPDATE via Cheboygan Trailblazers Snowmobile & Trail Grooming Club​ - 2/24 This past weekend’s unseasonably warm weather left our trails in unseasonably bad shape. The sun soaked sections were especially vulnerable (see pic). Tractors are parked until we get more snow and temps are back to normal. The good news is that we are watching a snow system coming in a couple days.... <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Drummond Island - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 05 By: D.I. Resort
Latest Snow: 10157908179610565 -- Trail Report: Fresh snow at Drummond Island Resort & Conference Center! --- Complete Report
Drummond Island - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 25 By: Drummond Island Snow Report
Trail Report: 174488069242711 February 25, 2020 Groomer Report The snow base varies from place to place on the island., anywhere from 3 inches to 1 feet! Our conditions range from good in areas to fair in others! We did loose some snow during this warm up but over all the trails held up surprisingly well! The west is in good to fair condition. The only reason I say fair is due to a Mile stretch along the shore on the south end of the island near Canoe Bay! The east end of the island is still in good shape! Again there is an area along the North eastern shore line that’s a bit thin but passable! The groomer is still staying on top of the water holes which is a good sign! Keep your best snow dance! We need more snow! Please remember it only takes a few minutes for hypothermia to set in once your core body gets wet! <> --- Complete Report
Frederic / Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 16 By: Sledheads of Frederic
Latest Snow: #gaylord -- Trail Report: MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH, a little 2 inch surprise this morning, I thought I was dreaming when I heard the snow plow go by my house early this morning. We have only about an inch and a half of new snow so its not rideable but it does look nice…… Like I have been saying for the past five years, it seems like we only get 4 or 5 decent weeks of riding out of a sixteen week season……no matter how many show chants we do. If only we could have had the same snow fall on us that got Denver this week. Pics below are from this morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete <> Visit Sledheads of Frederic on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 11 By: DerMiner's Parkside Resort
Trail Report: Yesterday the trails in Otsego County were in good condition but a little fast due to the limited amount of snow we have had in the past few weeks. Today, I am happy to report that the South Gaylord (trail #7 area) had a few inches of snow last night, and it's been snowing at a steady to heavy fall for much of the day. I haven't seen the groomer yet today but he usually comes by twice a day. Conditions should be great for snowmobiling this weekend but expect it to be busy. We are expecting colder than normal temperatures for Saturday & Sunday so bundle up, and have fun! --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 14 By: Heart Lake Resort
Trail Report: 115086445172615 Ok here is the update! Thom and I just got back from a ride. The ground is frozen and the trails are starting to get a decent base. Trails 7 and 4 were fair to good and off trail was great riding. State trails are still a little thin, but more snow in the forecast today and tomorrow!! <> -- Photos --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 12 / 29 By: Ray's Retreat Country Inn
Latest Snow: 566684210161641 -- Trail Report: Riders have been returning tonight reporting they have had good rides. All very happy with the riding. We are under a winter storm warning overnight... it is coming down heavy right now. Several inches are expected. This will definitely give everyone that beautiful white fresh cover to blow in their faces for tomorrow's riding. New owners will be at Rays Retreat Country Inn tomorrow. Just want to let all of our readers know how much we have appreciated your input ... sometimes negative, but mostly positive. We wish we would be able to say good bye personally to all our guests that became friends thru the years. Winter and snowmobilers have been our favorite season here at Rays Retreat. Will definitely miss it. We wish everyone a new year of good health and happy times. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 01 / 13 By: The Waters Inn
Trail Report: Rode trail 7 up from Precision Motorsports (Thanks to Dean for the fast & reasonable repairs) then took Trail 4 west, trails are the best I can remember, groomer was headed west on Trail 4 about 11:20 AM this morning. Scott - Waters Inn -- Photos --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 09 By:
Latest Snow: #gaylord -- Trail Report: 122624984478774 Gaylord Bureau - March 9, 2021 – 8:26 a.m. If you’ve been watching the forecast, then you know we’ve had warmer temperatures than usual for the past few weeks. Trail conditions are currently very poor with long stretches of dirt and ice in places, especially as you head north of town. The snow in the woods has started melting and there is little base left in shaded areas now, too. Temperatures are predicted to be in the 50’s several days this week, so it would take some big changes to make our trails ridable again. As always, check back with us for updates and weather reports. <> Sledheads of Frederic - 03/09 Memories, the picture to the left was taken on March 9, 2018….. Those were the days when we actually had rideable snow in Frederirc…Now it looks horrible out there and its heading to upper 50s today just 3 years later. The Vets ride up in the u.p. in Seney went well this past weekend with 320 riders. Always a great event. Pics below were outside here this morning. The list is thankfully short this year of snowmobile fatalites with it being around only 6 for the season. Thats the only good part of the lack of snow. Thanks for checking in. Pete <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Grand Marais - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 17 By: Grand Marais Sno-Trails Assoc.
Latest Snow: #grandmarais,#newberry -- Trail Report: GRAND MARAIS UPDATE via Grand Marais Sno-Trails Assoc. - 03/17 Unfortunately it’s that time to say goodbye for the season. 😢. A season that started about 6 weeks too late was pretty lousy in the middle and abruptly ended about 3 weeks early. Mother Nature just wouldn’t cooperate this year. I personally want to give a big 👍 to this group. It was challenging in many ways and they kept plugging away. Here’s hoping next season is so much better. Pictured left to right: Tim, Emmett, Elmer, Jack, Michael and Ted. Good job guys. Not pictured is groomer and club president Mike L <> Grand Marais Sno-Trails Assoc. on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Grayling - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 27 By: Fay's Motel
Trail Report: Greetings Sledders, Quick update. I wouldn't ordinarily generate a report so closely behind the last one but conditions have changed and I know many of you want to come up this weekend and may be apprehensive based on my last report. We didn't get anything out of the system that just went through but we are now experiencing the wrap around snow in the form of Lake Effect. It's difficult to say how much is on the ground already or to say how much we will ultimately receive. Those are an unknown because of the wind and it's anybody's guess when it comes to LE snows. We do have enough now to upgrade the trail condition slightly to fair. However, beware of the ice base on the Southern half or so of our trails as it is everywhere. The Northern half is for the most part packed snow covered by fresh. We are scheduled to groom through Saturday night. A warm up starts Sunday and continues all week so grooming efforts may just end for the season Saturday. That's not set in stone but it is a possibility. The next report will be the final for the season and will be out on Wednesday or so. Ride Often and Please Be Safe, Keith, Sandy, and The Kids <> At Fay's Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails. <> --- Complete Report
Greenland - Conditions: Fair Updated: 11 / 09 By: Superior Snowmobile Club
Trail Report: 12-14-16 We have been in blizzard conditions with heavy snow & cold since Tues 12/12/16. As of 12-13-16 weÂ’ve had 33.4 inches fallen snow. These conditions are to continue thru the day into tomorrow. Groomers have been working our trails since last Fri. Trail 13 loop is a humungous water hole from trucks & ATVÂ’s and even with these polar temps will take awhile to freeze deep enough to hold groomer but itÂ’s about to the place where snowmobilers will be able to go over it and that will help get it in good shape. Conditions for this week-end should be really good. <> --- Complete Report
Harbor Springs - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 15 By: Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: #traversecity -- Trail Report: 141612619312848 TRAVERSE CITY AREA UPDATE via Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club - Groomers are running a things are in decent shape. Very thin and icy iee you on the trails!! VP, Team HSSC, Rick Geiger <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Harbor Springs - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 04 By: Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: #harborsprings,#petoskey -- Trail Report: HARBOR SPRINGS AREA UPDATE via Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club​ - 03/04 It’s looking like our season is coming to an end, we haven’t had any fresh snow in a week, and the days have been sunny and warm. We are done grooming unless Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and we get some snow. There are still some good sections of trail out there, but there are some bad and snirty sections. Ride with caution! <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Houghton Lake - Conditions: Good Updated: 02 / 02 By: Beach Front Hotel
Latest Snow: 10153421513914537 -- Trail Report: Current weather conditions in Houghton Lake. Thunder snow! Snow snow snow! 5-7" expected! Come on up to the north! --- Complete Report
Indian River - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 16 By: Indian River
Trail Report: Although we need more, we’re thankful for the snow we got overnight. It’s about an inch of new stuff–pretty light and fluffy. We need more snow before we can groom but the south end of our trail system is actually in decent shape. There’s a little more snow down that direction and traffic has been light. We’re still dealing with water holes in a few spots on the north part of Trail 76. You’ll see a sign saying “WET AREA” right before the largest hole. They all should be frozen enough now to support snowmobile traffic. We’re in the mid-20’s and light snow is falling. The radar shows snow over us but the weather people say it will taper off this afternoon. We’ve got a light wind out there but overall it’s comfortable riding weather. Tonight we’ll dip down to single digits and may see a little light snow. So there you have it–conditions are good at the south end of Indian River and fair as you head north of town (just not as much snow). Enjoy your day out there and THINK SNOW!…Are you interested in a volunteer leadership position in our grooming club? We need a dedicated volunteer to assist the club president and learn the ropes before he retires. For more information visit our website and send an email. Thank you! WOLVERINE AREA UPDATE via The Thirsty Sturgeon​ - 1/16 Lots of snow expected this weekend AND tons of winter activities!!!! Mackinaw Winter Festival and Indian River Winterfest are both this weekend. Don’t forget about Tip Up Town and The MooseJaw Junction snowmobile run...and of course you gotta stop by The Thirsty!!!! You better just get in the car now!! <> Area Reports: The Thirsty Sturgeon on Facebook >>>> Sturgeon Valley Campground on Facebook >>>> Indian River Snowmobile Grooming Club Condition Report >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Iron Mountain - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 19 By: Iron Mountain
Trail Report: Trails are now open. All gates are now open. Conditions are being monitored and we are out packing with the Pisten Bulley. The amount of snow on the ground is surprisingly low. We really need more snow to groom. There are many spots with a lot of water that may cause problems for grooming and snowmobiling. We hope that snowmobiles will pack the trail to help it freeze. Rocks and roots are poking out in the swampy areas. Use caution and help us to get the trail packed. We have reports of water in the swamps. USE CAUTION For more info visit / --- Complete Report
Ironwood - Conditions: N/A Updated: 05 / 05 By: Gogebic Range Trail Authority
Latest Snow: #ironwood,#westernup -- Trail Report: IRONWOOD / WESTERN U.P. UPDATE via Gogebic Range Trail Authority - ORV & Snowmobile Club - 05/05 Someone forgot to tell Jerry you need snow to groom trails! Beautiful day here in Ironwood, MI!! <> Report via Gogebic Range Trail Authority Website <> Report via Gogebic Range Trail Authority on Facebook <> --- Complete Report
Ishpeming Area - Conditions: Excellent Updated: 02 / 28 By: Country Village Resort
Trail Report: Ishpeming, MI (Marquette County U.P.) : Moose Country Trails: 2/28/19 Trails: Very Good to Excellent shape. We have a ton of snow and the groomers are doing their best to keep the trails in nice shape. Weather: Record breaking snow totals with more on the way. Seg 1: Republic-Clowry: open & snow covered,full groom** very good to excellent Seg 2: Clowry-Ishpeming: open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 3: Clowry – Nestoria – – open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 4: Clowry – Triple A – – open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 5: Republic – Silver Lake – – open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 6: Silver Lk – Sagola – – open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 7: Silver Lake – Kates Grade – –open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 8: Republic – Fence River – – open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent Seg 9: Ishpeming – Republic – – open & snow covered, full groom** very good to excellent My updated report can be found at: ISHPEMINGTRAILS.COM Questions? Shoot me an email: Jasper Ridge Brewery: Great Food and Brew right on the trail! --- Complete Report
Keweenaw Peninsula - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 29 By:
Latest Snow: #keweenaw -- Trail Report: KEWEENAW PENINSULA UPDATE via Keweenaw Trail Reports - 03/28 It’s not over 😮 Photos from 3/28/21 Trent Seorum actually got out for a ride today after the small amount of fresh snow fell last night.... late season riding like this might not be be for everyone.... but Trent enjoyed his ride and shared these photos and a quick review of trails .... “Got out for a ride after the dusting of snow last night. Left from Cliff Drive and headed north to Copper Harbor. I took Brockway on the way there and looped out towards High Rock on the way back taking trail 134 back to trail 3. Brockway and a good portion of the grade would be unrideable without the dusting of snow but where 134 splits off 3 toward high rock is flat and fast with the best snow of all trails ridden today.” Thanks for sharing Trent! <> KEWEENAW PENINSULA UPDATE via Western UP Trail Reports - <> Keweenaw Trail Reports on Facebook >>>> <> Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau Website >>>> <> Western & Southern UP Trail Reports on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Lake Gogebic - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 04 By: Lake Gogebic
Latest Snow: #lakegogebic,#westernup -- Trail Report: LAKE GOGEBIC AREA UPDATE via Gogebic Area Grooming - 03/04 Ride report from the trail... <> Gogebic Area Grooming - <> Lake Gogebic Area Chamber of Commerce - <> Lake Gogebic Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook - <> --- Complete Report
Lake Gogebic - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 16 By: Walley Lodge
Trail Report: Check back for the latest and we will look to keep you updated. You can always check out the view of the lake at or email us at . Jim & Mary Beth: 906-575-3557 --- Complete Report
Mancelona Area - Conditions: Good Updated: 01 / 24 By: Mancelona Motel
Trail Report: The best snow and trail conditions so far this year. The Lake Effect Machine just keeps dumping on the JVTC trail system. Amounts of two foot plus of snowfall has been reported on parts of our sytem within the last seven days. All three groomers ran yesterday and ALL trails where groomed. There will be a Ride In held in Charlevoix at Ferry Beach Saturday with FREE food and prizes from 11 AM to 3 PM. The trail to Charlevoix should be the best for this event that it has been for several years. .Please help us and order your share of snow for this season. The JVTC will have 2 John Deere tractors with tracks and 1 Piston Bully 400 for the 2013 season. All machines will have winged Dubie Groomer drags this year. This will put the JVTC in good shape for many years to come for equipment. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Munising Area - Conditions: Excellent Updated: 02 / 25 By: Knotty Pines Resort
Trail Report: Quiet day today. More snow later in the week. Good day to knit something. Still have cabins ready and lots of snow. Give me a call. Alger County Trail Report Feb 19 Looking foeward to 10 - 18 inches of fresh snow Should make trails super. Grooming every trail every day --- Complete Report
Munising Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 20 By:
Latest Snow: #munising -- Trail Report: MUNISING AREA UPDATE via Alger County SORVA - 03/20 TRAIL REPORT - Saturday, 03/20/2021 PREPARING FOR THE SNOW/ORV TRANSITION! Grooming operations have stopped. Continued warm and sunny weather has base snow disappearing fast with dirty snow, large bare sections, standing and flowing water and icy conditions. Some sections are very wet and slushy with deep water in areas. Those who are still trying to get some sled time in are off trail riding, many up in the Kingston Plains area. Friday we moved the last machine back to the barn. All 3 are tucked away waiting for their spring clean-up. Only 12 days now until the ORV season officially opens so stay tuned as we make the transition to summer trail work and playtime. DETAILED REPORT HERE: Be sure to patronize and thank your Trail Sponsors! Today’s Trail Report brought to you by: The Dog Patch – Munising, MI <> MUNISING AREA UPDATE via TNT Trenary Northern Trails - <> REGIONAL TRAIL REPORTS Visit Alger County SORVA Facebook Page >>>> <> Visit Alger County SORVA Trail Report >>>> <> Visit TNT Trenary Northern Trails Facebook Page >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Naubinway - Eastern U.P. - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 06 By: Adoba Hotel Naubinway
Latest Snow: #lakegogebic -- Trail Report: We are waiting for the snow storm to arrive... --- Complete Report
Newberry - Conditions: Good To Excellent Updated: 01 / 11 By: Halfway Lake Resort
Trail Report: Yesterday we had blizzard conditions followed by brief light rain followed by more snow. We measured 22" (deeper snow north) of dense snow on the ground this morning. On and off trail people are reporting "awesome" conditions and "the best we've seen." We have heard this from multiple groups heading in all directions. This morning, we are seeing additional accumulating snow and temps will remain cold through the weekend. We are not making daily updates to the trail report unless there is a change in condition. I will not update trail conditions over the weekend since temps will remain steady and trails are perfect. Trail conditions will change minute by minute, trail by trail, based on the amount of traffic since the trail was last groomed. Groomers are out doing their thing and conditions are favorable for them, as well. I am thankful for all of the dedication these people put into our trail systems. Please remember that due to the length of our trails it takes 12-16 hours to groom one way! 1/8/17 Boy! I really don't know what to tell you other than it hasn't stopped snowing. We have had accumulation every day for 5 days and measured two feet on the ground today. Riders have been all smiles, extending stays and reporting awesome conditions on and off trail. There are still come concerns regarding low lying areas to the south, so please follow groomer reports in regards to swamp/south trails. This is a low traffic period (prior to MLK weekend) and trails are beautiful. Things typically pick up this coming weekend and remain busy until the end of the season. You never know what the future will bring, but my hope is this pattern of beautiful lake effect will continue. Local clubs (Grand Marais sno trails, Seney, Paradise Area Night Riders and Taqhamamenon Area Snowmobile Assoc) are reporting trail closures, yellow flags or a section of trail that is closed. Please educate yourselves before you ride and ride safely. *** Trail report ends here *** Read below for vacancy :) We are receiving a lot of calls for the upcoming weekends. To save on time and phone calls- This week we have openings through Friday night, but no vacancy Saturday or Sunday 1/14 or 15. Openings resume Monday-Thursday with no vacancy 1/20 or 21. Vacancy resumes 1/22. Thank you! Ride right from your door in a different direction each day! We are located 12 mi NW of Newberry (Halfway to Lk Superior) and 7 miles south of Pine Stump Junction. Between Grand Marais and Paradise. Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association (TASA) grooms over 125 miles of trails that interconnect to hundreds of miles of trails groomed by local associations. --- Complete Report
Newberry - Conditions: Good Updated: 01 / 23 By: Visit Newberry
Trail Report: 157927904349084 3-6" of fresh drifty snow on our trails. Some bare slippy spots to watch for and a (probably) frozen wet area near trout lake. Trails look pretty smooth with a few scattered bumps left over from the weekend. January 23, 2018 PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR GROOMERS LEAVE NEWBERRY AT 2:00 IN THE AFTERNOON TO GROOM. PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THE GROOMER. PLEASE SLOW DOWN IN THE CORNERS THIS IS WHERE THE MAJORITY OF THE ACCIDENTS OCCUR. LAW ENFOREMENT IS ON THE TRAIL AND THEY DO GIVE TICKETS FOR RECKLESS DRIVING ON A SNOWMOBILE. Due to the warm temperatures water holes could open up on the trail. North Trail #9 Trail is in good to very good condition. Trail #45 This trail is in good condition. Trail #45 has 3 plowed areas from the Skyline to Laurel Lakes Road, Camp 7 road near M-123 and between CR 500 and M-123. Please note the plowed areas can get bumpy and watch for the logging trucks. South Trail #9/2 This trail is in good condition but please watch out for a water hole by the railroad grade on the way to Trout Lake. <> Visit Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association on Facebook <> Visit Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association Report on MSA <> --- Complete Report
Newberry - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 20 By: Visit Newberry
Latest Snow: #newberry -- Trail Report: 157927904349084 NEWBERRY AREA UPDATE via TASA - 03/20 Gates are now closed for the season. ORV/ATV season Opens May 1 for the trails. County roads are open year-round for SxS and ATVs. TASA Would like to give a big thanks to all the snowmobilers for your support. This season we had a couple of curveballs thrown at us with COVID-19 and the weather conditions so thank you again for sticking it out. We would also like to thank all the groomers volunteers businesses gas stations and especially the bars and restaurants that did their best to accommodate all the snowmobilers. A special thanks goes out to the Newberry Country Club for allowing our snowmobilers to use their property to get to the gas stations and the main trails. Snowmobilers please remember to follow the rules when riding the golf course in the future. It’s not a right it is a privilege so please be mindful and respectful And pay attention to the signs posted. We are looking forward to a great ORV/ATV season this year. TASA is looking for volunteers to help with clean up and maintenance on the trails in the very near future. Also if you are interested in becoming a member please go to the TASA website ( to join. You can also find updates and dates for future events on the website. Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to seeing everyone. Like always be careful and ride safe. <> Visit Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association on Facebook <> Visit Newberry Area Tourism Association on Facebook <> Visit Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association Report on MSA <> --- Complete Report
Ontonagon - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 21 By: Ontonagon
Latest Snow: #ontonagon,#westernup -- Trail Report: 325567991142558,111264525599717,197330910317336 ONTONAGON AREA UPDATE via North Country Snowmobile Club UP - 03/21 The season is over. I was hopeful that we would get a storm before April 1st, but the forecast doesn't look good for snow. We had a tough season with low snow, and break downs, but managed to groom about 10,000 miles. A big thanks to groomer Greg Dye, Jason Pragacz, President Groomer Mikey Olsen, Mac and PJ, and Kristin. These are 6 people that wear many hats and do everything it takes to operate this club. A huge thank you to the landowners, our sponsors, and members. We couldn't do it without your support. <> Visit North Country Snowmobile Club - UP Website >>>> <> Visit North Country Snowmobile Club - UP on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Ontonagon - Conditions: Poor To Fair Updated: 03 / 09 By: Scott's Superior Inn
Latest Snow: 969181849784848 -- Trail Report: Warm temps and now rain tomorrow might put an end to our season. there are definitely parts of trails that are in good shape but you will hit some really bad spots to get to them, getting in and out of any towns are down to pavement Scott's Superior Inn and Cabins are located right on trail #12, and close to gas and food, we have lots of openings all season right now! (906)884-4866 --- Complete Report
Paradise Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 05 By: Paradise Area Night Riders
Latest Snow: #paradise,#newberry -- Trail Report: March 5, 2021 27 degrees this morning under a clear blue sky. The last couple of days have been the same so no new snow. I always hate this time of year to announce this but I think its time. Unless something really strange happens......we are done grooming 🙁. A couple of the guys have gone out the last couple of days and said its a waste of time and energy, plus its beatin up the equipment. All our trails are hard and icey and flat. Don`t get me wrong, there is good ridin to be had for this weekend if you`re thinking about coming UP for one last ride but the temps are supposed to get up into the 40`s and 50`s by Sunday and Monday. This will toast our trails that are already thin. Off trail ridin should still be good for another week or so though. Mannnn.......we are bummed. We can usually groom thru March. Ole Man Winter sure was an A$$ this season. We only got one good month outa him! Unless something crazy happens this will be my last report on the trails. I`ll jump on here from time to time and let ya`ll know about any brushing parties we are planning for next fall or give you any important news you may want to know. Take care and God Bless. See ya`ll next fall. Groomer Chris <> Visit Paradise Area Night Riders on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Petoskey Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 04 / 12 By: Petoskey Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: #petoskey -- Trail Report: We will be having our club meeting tomorrow night (April 13) at 7 for anyone interested in attending or getting involved. We also are still selling Raffle tickets if you haven't gotten yours yet. Can't track down a club member? Buy them online and get your numbers emailed to you. Hope to see some new and previous faces tomorrow. <> Visit Petoskey Snowmobile Club Website >>>> <> <> --- Complete Report
Sault Ste. Marie - Conditions: N/A Updated: 05 / 09 By: Sault Snow Report
Latest Snow: #soo -- Trail Report: SAULT STE. MARIE UPDATE via Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association - 05/09 Big thanks to Steve, Ryan, Pete, and Jay for their continued efforts out signing and brushing. Today, they worked on 472 between Rudyard and Kinross. Please continue to educate your fellow riders to be respectful of our efforts and landowners and stay off of areas closed to ATVs, take your trash with you and please don’t run over our signs. Thank you to all of our volunteers, members and donors! To help further our efforts, please consider joining or donating at <> <> Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association Facebook Page <> Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association Trail Report on MSA <> --- Complete Report
Seney - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 16 By: Seney
Latest Snow: #seney -- Trail Report: 793337994107970 SENEY AREA UPDATE via Seney Snowmobile Association - 02/16 Drifting snow created tabletop moguls on 431 last night, we cut with the front blade most of the way to Carlson Camp Road and back, it was a slow go but it came together nicely, 440 is groomed up to the turnaround, some drifting snow but the woods slowed the drifting and its in great shape, picture is looking southeast on 440 after cutting small drifts on the way out. Ride Right, Stay Safe <> Via Seney Snowmobile Association On Facebook >>>> <> Via Mater's Stop -N- Go Gas Station On Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Sidnaw / Bruce Crossing - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 08 By: Sno Valley Riders Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: #westernup -- Trail Report: We have suspended grooming for now. Trails are fair in places, poor in others. There are lots of bare spots and water is starting to show up in wet areas. Trails are open to March 31 use caution if you're going to ride <> Visit Sno Valley Riders Snowmobile Club Sidnaw/Bruce Crossing, Mi. on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Silver City - Conditions: Good To Excellent Updated: 02 / 08 By: Mountain View Lodges
Trail Report: The snow has been steady for the past couple of weeks and the trails are in good to excellent condition. Slim in Silver City, as usual, but once you get off M-107 (Trail #1) riding is spectacular. Enjoy your ride and be careful out there. I'll update as need be. --- Complete Report
St. Helen / Roscommon - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 13 By: Saint Helen Snowpackers Club
Trail Report: -- TRAIL CONDITION UPDATE -- 2/13/2018 Our trails are in the best shape they have been in all year! This is the first time this year I have been comfortable in rating them as 'GOOD'. But, please don't stop snow dancing! There is a bit of a warm-up in the forecast that could screw things up. Let's hope not. <> --- Complete Report
St. Ignace - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 10 By: Straits Area Snowmobile Club
Latest Snow: #straitsarea -- Trail Report: Tuesday March 9th 45 degrees and sunshine today. Snow is melting and spring in the air. Still a fair amount of base in the woods but no riding to be had at this time. Rain is forecasted the next few days and we are just like most areas at a stand stilll. Our plan is to be on standby and if the weather happens to change we will groom if and when that happens. At that point we will update a trail report. So everybody hope for another trail report this month... Take care and thanks to all WD <> Straits Area Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Traverse City - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 03 By: Blue Sky Snowmobile Rentals
Latest Snow: #traversecity -- Trail Report: 265181344829 We need more snow! Unfortunately our local trails are in poor condition. Icy trails are unsafe. Dirt/gravel spots on the trail can cause snowmobile damage. We need trail conditions to improve before we can start renting. Keep doing that snow dance! <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: Fair To Good Updated: 02 / 18 By: Kingsley Motel
Trail Report: This past weekend saw excellent riding conditions. Today we're seeing warmer weather and possible rain which may create wet areas. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: Poor To Fair Updated: 12 / 28 By: Ranch Rudolf
Latest Snow: 1225472847481248 -- Trail Report: The rain and freezing rain we got on Monday is scaring a lot of people off. We are happy to report that trails are still snow covered and groomers have been running again since Tuesday cleaning things up and packing things down. We've seen sleds out and about the past couple days and although trails are a bit crunchy, overall people are pleasantly surprised at how well they've held up. Nothing but cold temps and snow forecasted for the upcoming weekend. Get out there and enjoy! <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 04 By: See Traverse City
Latest Snow: #traversecity -- Trail Report: TRAVERSE CITY AREA UPDATE via Ranch Rudolf - 03/04 Snowmobile trails are non-existent here in the valley. We are down to ice and mud. Beau and Knox will also be taking this weekend off due to ice, so no hayrides. As a result we will be closed this weekend, March 5-7. <> TRAVERSE CITY AREA UPDATE via Grand Traverse Snowmobile Club - Awaiting update... <> Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> <> Area Reports: Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> Visit Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club Trail Report on MSA >>>> Ranch Rudolf on Facebook >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Traverse City - Conditions: N/A Updated: 01 / 13 By: Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals
Trail Report: Finally after over a week of various systems dumping snow on Northern Lower Michigan we have established a solid base and the groomers have been out daily. Trails are in excellent shape and we are now in full gear for the 2015 season at Ranch Rudolf. Come enjoy a picturesque ride on one of our sleds and end your day warming up with a delicious meal at the Ranch! <> Visit Snowblitz Snowmobile Rentals Website >>>> <> --- Complete Report --- More Report Links
Watersmeet - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 08 By: Watersmeet
Latest Snow: #watersmeet,#westernup -- Trail Report: WATERSMEET / WESTERN U.P. UPDATE via U.P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club​ - 03/08 Groomers are in the barn and grooming has stopped at this time. Warm temps this weekend left many bare gravel areas on the trails. Trails do remain open until the March 31 and you never know what Mother Nature will do, but for now grooming is done. Thank you to all who supported and enjoyed our trails! and THANK YOU to our groomer drivers and trail boss, you guys are the best, enjoy some time off! <> Reports via: U.P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club on Facebook >>>> U.P. Thunder Riders Trail Report on MSA >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Western U.P. - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 24 By: Western U.P. Bureau
Latest Snow: #westernup -- Trail Report: We have a snow advisory warning for tonight until 5am Wednesday, with a chance of getting 3-5 inches of snow. This will brighten up our trails and help with our conditions. PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS RIDING ON UNMARKED TRAILS CAN RESULT IN THE CLUB LOSING EASEMENT FOR THAT TRAIL.. BE RESPECTFUL. Gogebic Range Trail Authority – Snowmobile & ORV Club Trail Report 2/23/2021 Warm temps and traffic put a beating on our main corridor from Wakefield to Ironwood. 4 miles of trail between Wakefield and Bessemer is snirty, and then sections of the rail trail from Bessemer to Ironwood are snirty as well. No grooming occurred last night due to temps, but trails are remarkably flat yet with bumps in the tight corners only. Temps drop this evening into tomorrow allowing the crew to get out and get the corners recovered and snow moved in where needed. Side trails remain in good to very good condition with short sections near towns downgraded to fair. Gogebic Area Groomers Report 2/23/2021 Lots of traffic over the past weekend and looks like we’ve got a bit of a warm-up early part of this week, with temps dropping later in the week and snow forecasted for a couple of days this week. All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are still reported to be in good to excellent condition. All trails were groomed Sunday night with the exception of 1N due to a drag failure. Groomers will be heading out when temps permit. Mother Nature rules. U.P. Thunder Riders Trail Report 2/17/2021 Groomers have been out all trails are groomed and are in good condition. <> --- Complete Report
White Pine Trail - Conditions: Poor To Fair Updated: 01 / 03 By: White Pine Trail Report
Latest Snow: 2" -- Trail Report: Ice and 2" of snow here in the Stanwood area of the White Pine Trail. The trail has a good base but the gas stations will be a challenge. --- Complete Report --- More Report Links